Linked by Oscar Boykin on Wed 25th Feb 2004 08:59 UTC
X11, Window Managers For the past year, there has been a slow and steady stream of news events regarding XFree86, X11, or new X server implementations. To those not paying close attention (and even those who are), the meaning of some of these events may not be clear. In this brief article, I attempt to share my impression on what the changes mean for users of free software on the desktop. It appears that XFree86 is in some turmoil, and it may leave some to infer that free desktop systems will suffer.
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by marc on Wed 25th Feb 2004 20:28 UTC

The issues with XFree86 are bad. Changing the license was the tip of the iceberg and the community has united to solve the X server problem. XFree86 will become irrelevant so Mr. Dawes can look for a slug as of now...
He'll not change the license as it was and his project will become isolated. The OSS community can't be forced into this by 1 man. If he wants to change the GPL then he's acting wrong. Mr. Dawes, at least in the USA you say "PLEASE" before you try anything else... Forcing the community won't help, but merely make allot of people hate you. You're a smart man so act smart, you are intelligent so act intelligent, you work hard so I think that by your move you're just wasting your work...and time...if you don't care anymore about X then go somewhere where you can make more money and leave the community alone... Or has the community left you? lol
Just my 0.00002 pennies...