Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 28th Feb 2004 08:50 UTC
Internet & Networking The second generation of OSNews' mobile web site is now up and running. The new version has an even simpler design than before which makes it much easier to render on under-featured HTML browsers, usually found on phones, PDAs or other embedded devices. The new design does not display any ads or a sidebar, but goes directly to the "meat" of the information. Read more for info & screenshots.
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RE: Why not
by Eugenia on Sat 28th Feb 2004 10:08 UTC

Because of major incompatibilities between WAP browsers.
There is just not a way to make sure that a WAP page that has a bit of content will even load on many (buggy) phones. It is just too risky with the current situation, so we decided to take the most simple design, just a few tags that are known to work across most phones, and only provide minimal information (just the 15 latest headlines). As many in the phone industry say, WAP sucks, and now there is proof for it: :-)