Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 28th Feb 2004 08:50 UTC
Internet & Networking The second generation of OSNews' mobile web site is now up and running. The new version has an even simpler design than before which makes it much easier to render on under-featured HTML browsers, usually found on phones, PDAs or other embedded devices. The new design does not display any ads or a sidebar, but goes directly to the "meat" of the information. Read more for info & screenshots.
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RE: Efficient use of cache space
by Eugenia on Sat 28th Feb 2004 11:42 UTC

Actually this is not a good idea. This would only be a good idea for textmode browsers on fast PCs and "advanced" PDA browsers (more than 4 MB of FLASH etc).

But on phones, this would mean browser crashes or "out of memory" errors.

Just now I was talking via email to a japanese osnews reader who can't get his J-PHONE to render the whole frontpage of osnews because of memory problems (after lots of emails, he finally read in his manual that only HTML pages up to 12 KB will be rendered!). While most "normal" phones today (not smartphones) will be able to manage up to 35 KB of HTML rendering, putting a big multi-page article in a single page, it will just kill compatibility with these phones.

> It's not very common to connect a palm to a printer so it's mostly useless to cache the printer friendly version.

I disagree. If it does the job for you (instead of cashing a story.php with a multipage article), just cache the printer one instead. ;)

Doing a mobile site that is as "full" in fucntionality as the osnews one, it has a lot of "gotchas" that desktop web developers would never consider under normal circumstances. "Fixing" one kind of these browsers completely undermines the others. I tried to find a balance when designing the new site.