Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 28th Feb 2004 08:50 UTC
Internet & Networking The second generation of OSNews' mobile web site is now up and running. The new version has an even simpler design than before which makes it much easier to render on under-featured HTML browsers, usually found on phones, PDAs or other embedded devices. The new design does not display any ads or a sidebar, but goes directly to the "meat" of the information. Read more for info & screenshots.
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Nice Job
by Peter Besenbruch on Sat 28th Feb 2004 18:35 UTC

I want to commend OS-News for the good job they did with their mobile pages. I changed the user agent on Firefox to Lynx running under TRS-DOS to access them. Contrary to what the article said, they don't look like crap on displays over 640x480. I think they look better that the more complex, normal pages. Simplicity remains a virtue. Nice job!