Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 28th Feb 2004 08:50 UTC
Internet & Networking The second generation of OSNews' mobile web site is now up and running. The new version has an even simpler design than before which makes it much easier to render on under-featured HTML browsers, usually found on phones, PDAs or other embedded devices. The new design does not display any ads or a sidebar, but goes directly to the "meat" of the information. Read more for info & screenshots.
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Hats off to you!
by sasquatch666 on Sat 28th Feb 2004 22:37 UTC

This is what I have always loved about this site,no matter how I access it it just works,Be it on Net+ in BeOS,the imbedded QNX browser on my 3com Audrey,The imbedded Browser on my Alcatel WebtouchOne Phone,or Dillo,Links or whatever in Linux.I'm a big fan of liteweight browsers and I think much stuff is way overdone on most sited,and out here in the perrimeter where I live and dialup is the only way to access the net a person wants a fast liteweight browser to speed up the process and doesnt want to compound things by using a huge slow bloated mess like IE or Mozilla,so this makes it better even on the desktop for me because I can use one of the stripped down or text based alternatives to come here,and not have to wait for a bunch of java or flash powered crap to load