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Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature a very interesting interview with well known *BSD hacker Matthew Dillon over his latest project, DragonFly BSD (also known for his Linux kernel contributions, Amiga C compiler hacking back in the day and the Backplane distributed database). Matthew discusses DragonFly's status, goals, the overall BSD platform, innovation, and more. Update: Added one more question at the end of the Q&A.
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RE : Bloody good interview...
by Alex M. on Sat 13th Mar 2004 10:27 UTC

>Raised some very good points about scalability. Is there >anyone here who can point me to a Multex vs >threadcentric paper comparing the two techniques?
before anything you should know what is a thread : it is a computing unity inside a processus. A processus may have more than one thread running in parallel.
Threads may share some data. What would happened if two thread use the same data at the same time ?? Kaboom !
So you can specify this data as mutex.
Each time a thread need to use the data, it check if the data is locked, if yes it wait, else it locks it for its own use and proceed it. Finaly, it unlocks the mutex so i'll usable by other thread.
If I understand right, the thread centric approch is to have no data in common, so no locking, but to allow the threads to communicate via some messenging system, so they can share some information.
Hope I am not to far from the truth!