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Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature a very interesting interview with well known *BSD hacker Matthew Dillon over his latest project, DragonFly BSD (also known for his Linux kernel contributions, Amiga C compiler hacking back in the day and the Backplane distributed database). Matthew discusses DragonFly's status, goals, the overall BSD platform, innovation, and more. Update: Added one more question at the end of the Q&A.
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OpenSSI - Single System Image cluster for Linux
by Anonymous on Sun 14th Mar 2004 16:39 UTC

our unattainable goal (which I hope actually winds up being attainable) is to develop DragonFly into a transparently cluster-capable system implementing native SSI (Single System Image). It is something that no non-commercial system today can do (the type of clustering Linux supports isn't even close to the type of clustering that we have as our goal, and clustering has never been one of the other BSD's goals as far as I can tell).

I would suggest a look at , which is SSI clustering for Linux. Soon DRBD will be integrated and then you can have a high availability shared root without shared disk hardware. (At the moment, shared disk hardware is still required for HA -- but not if you only want a non-HA shared root)