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Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature a very interesting interview with well known *BSD hacker Matthew Dillon over his latest project, DragonFly BSD (also known for his Linux kernel contributions, Amiga C compiler hacking back in the day and the Backplane distributed database). Matthew discusses DragonFly's status, goals, the overall BSD platform, innovation, and more. Update: Added one more question at the end of the Q&A.
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RE: Math (IP: - Posted on 2004-03-17 19:08:33
by Anonymous on Wed 17th Mar 2004 19:54 UTC

I know that you are just trolling, but hey, you might also be a retard, so I'll try to enlighten you a little.

The SMP approach being undertaken in DragonFly is essentially lockless, meaning that it works without using mutexes. As FreeBSD 5.x is very heavilly into the fine grained mutex thing, it would have taken much more time and effort for Matt to have implemented the lockless SMP in DragonFly if he had of started with 5.x. Simple logic really, start off with a system that has fewer mutexes to begin with, and you'll have fewer mutexes that will eventually need to be removed.