Linked by Christian F.K. Schaller on Tue 23rd Mar 2004 19:25 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces Computer graphics have long been dominated by bitmapped images. However, the free software community has taken an innovative lead by adopting scalable graphic formats on its desktops. Inthis article I cover the history and rise of scalable graphics on the desktop from my angle - as a proponent of its use in the GNOME platform. This article mostly focuses on SVG's progress from a GNOME point of view, both because GNOME has progressed the furthest and because I am most knowledgable with GNOME's efforts. I will however mention major landmarks in other projects where appropriate.
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RE: Reinventing the wheel... again...
by Mathrick on Tue 23rd Mar 2004 21:37 UTC

Few reasons from top of head:
1. It is free (as in beer & speech)
2. It is standarised, by entity we can trust
3. It can be (and is) adopted freely, because choosing SVG isn't tying you to any particular company and its proprietary solution
4. It is XML based, with all goodies that come from that fact
5. It is designed to explicitly take advantage of being XML (using CSS, integration with XForms, possibility of creating compound SVG + anything documents)
6. It's xplatform, with many implementations to choose from