Linked by James Pryor on Thu 25th Mar 2004 19:40 UTC
Multimedia, AV On Saturday March 20, I spent my lazy Saturday morning browsing the web for Linux news. I surfed over to & read the latest happenings in regards to Linux distributions. I read a news blurb on latest release of dyne:bolic 1.2. dyne:bolic is self described as a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD. I was intrigued by the prospect of playing with a multimedia studio on live CD that won't interfere with my PC's current setup. I downloaded the ISO via Azureus Java bittorrent client. I burned it to CDR using K3B and booted my DAW off the dyne:bolic CD.
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RE: Things Looking Up though
by Stray on Fri 26th Mar 2004 10:05 UTC

Stray - What hardware & software are you basing your experience on.

Yes, things are looking up. But as most of my stuff is ProTools MIX/TDM based, from peripherals to controllers, I won't lay blame entirely on Linux development. AVID/Digidesign is a hardware tie-in company, so I can't expect the hardware to work anyways.

Not to say that's all I've tried. Besides the standard PC sound cards, only simple USB and MIDI devices work, but I'm talking about ProAudio, not anything like that. Not to say one can't do a lot with just normal sound cards, but I don't have to.

Anyways, besides hardware: I think ALSA/JACK/LADSPA is great. I'm glad a framework is being put in place, but when it comes down to the apps, I doubt OSS will ever produce anything deserving of ProAudio status. Some cool things maybe, but not that. Linux will have ProAudio eventually, but just like Linux 3D and Video, it'll be commercial, not open source. No one will make an open source ProTools, because it's a surety that studios and musicians will pay for it. I know I would.