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Re: The 30 days term
by Will on Fri 26th Mar 2004 19:21 UTC

How the hell do you think you can enforce that 30 days term?

Well one means of enforcement would be to no longer consider any future works by the Author.

The Author of a work is normally in his/her rights to do whatever with the work he/she wants, including but not limited to: republishing, selling, relicensing. The rights over the published work here are NOT yours when it is posted here. The work which is published here is copyrighted by the Author, not by you.

The rights to the work are whatever are negotiated between the Author and the Publisher.

You can look at the stipulation in this light: "In compensation to OSNews for exposing your work, publishing your work, hosting your work, allowing comments on your work and paying for the bandwidth used in the distribution of your work, you grant us a 30 day exclusivity license." How is that unfair? And if you feel it is unfair, then don't submit anything.

Therefore i don't see why it is your job to search for any copyright infringement. With the 30 days rule, you reduce the rights of the Author over the work in an extend that he/she has not got any normal rights over his/her work for 30 days. He/she may not even publish it on his/her own website.

It is OSNews job to enforce their contract with the Author, otherwise it is meaningless. The Author submits these articles freely and enters into an agreement with OSNews.

By granting exclusivity to OSNews, OSNews get a modicum of benefit in that if an article become remote popular, the traffic for that article is basically guaranteed to go through OSNews site, and traffic through the site is how OSNews maintains its existence. It's also a medium for OSNews to gain new readers (for example, from a cross link on Slashdot).

An Author may consider entering into this arrangement because publishing on their own site may well mean it never gets read at all. The Author is attracted to OSNews by the readership and, ideally, wants his article to be read. By getting it posted on OSNews, he has a far better chance of that than by posting it on his own site.

I would imagine that the 30 Day limit doesn't particularly chafe against most authors, and OSNews probably has to rarely enforce anything. Somehow I doubt that OSNews has an elite Special Force of ex-SAS member scouring the net for infringments of its Submission Agreements.

This sickens me. It is a common practice in magazines, but Authors who publish their work in such a magazine get paid for publishing their work in contrast to the practice on this site.

If it sickens you, try some Mylanta.

The compensation Authors get by posting on OSNews is simply exposure and perhaps recognition. The compensation OSNews gets for hosting the article at their expense is a continuing flow of content that keeps readers regularly coming back to the site.

It's hardly a draconian agreement, its certainly not mandatory, and you can always try and get your article submitted to a plethora of other places.