Linked by James Pryor on Thu 25th Mar 2004 19:40 UTC
Multimedia, AV On Saturday March 20, I spent my lazy Saturday morning browsing the web for Linux news. I surfed over to & read the latest happenings in regards to Linux distributions. I read a news blurb on latest release of dyne:bolic 1.2. dyne:bolic is self described as a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD. I was intrigued by the prospect of playing with a multimedia studio on live CD that won't interfere with my PC's current setup. I downloaded the ISO via Azureus Java bittorrent client. I burned it to CDR using K3B and booted my DAW off the dyne:bolic CD.
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Dynebolic as a streaming server
by ripcrd on Fri 26th Mar 2004 21:58 UTC

I booted Dynebolic 1.1.1 and tried to start a streaming server (icecast and Muse) following the Docs on CD. I got part of it working, but was limited by the 800x600x16 resolution on my 21" monitor to see and use all the open apps/windows and still read the docs. I had a fairly old and recognized video card too. I'd like to see those guys step back from adding apps, fix basic hardware detection/setup and improve on docs. Maybe create some scripts to launch groups of apps for a task such as streaming or audio mixing. Maybe work on better defaults for some of the streaming apps. Muse and icecast were a pain to figure out. In the end I could hear myself over the mic, but couldn't record or stream.

Anyone want to write a better Howto for them on streaming?