Linked by James Pryor on Thu 25th Mar 2004 19:40 UTC
Multimedia, AV On Saturday March 20, I spent my lazy Saturday morning browsing the web for Linux news. I surfed over to & read the latest happenings in regards to Linux distributions. I read a news blurb on latest release of dyne:bolic 1.2. dyne:bolic is self described as a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD. I was intrigued by the prospect of playing with a multimedia studio on live CD that won't interfere with my PC's current setup. I downloaded the ISO via Azureus Java bittorrent client. I burned it to CDR using K3B and booted my DAW off the dyne:bolic CD.
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RE: NTFS support
by Anonymous Coward on Sat 27th Mar 2004 16:57 UTC

I'm fairly certain that the kernel's ntfs write support is still marked as dangerous, however, there is another project that uses the kernel's read support to get ntfs.dll from an HD and uses that for write support. I can't remember the name of the project though...