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Multimedia, AV On Saturday March 20, I spent my lazy Saturday morning browsing the web for Linux news. I surfed over to & read the latest happenings in regards to Linux distributions. I read a news blurb on latest release of dyne:bolic 1.2. dyne:bolic is self described as a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD. I was intrigued by the prospect of playing with a multimedia studio on live CD that won't interfere with my PC's current setup. I downloaded the ISO via Azureus Java bittorrent client. I burned it to CDR using K3B and booted my DAW off the dyne:bolic CD.
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RE: Read/write NTFS, and other topics
by James Pryor on Sun 28th Mar 2004 00:59 UTC

Just to clarify, my C: parition is formated FAT32 so that if I boot an alternate OS I could have full read/write if _I_ choose to mount it as full read/write. Some people prefer to have their OS make that decision for them, while I prefer to have the option of read only or full read/write. Like I had mentioned in the review, Knoppix mounts all the other partions as read only and a right click on the desktop icon will let you choose to mount it in full read/write.

As for NTFS support, from what I have read the NTFS support has improved in the kernel to the point that some distros ship a kernel that has write capability enabled. Just like Anonymous Coward mentioned, I have also read up on the NTFS 'wrapper' driver called captive that uses the win2000/xp system's actual DLL to access the NTFS partition.

EVERYONE: Thanks for all the postitive comments. I tried to write a review that as a reader I would want to read. From the comments it appears that I have been successful. Look for my name in the future as I will certainly be posting more articles to both OSNews and my own website at

Thanks again,
James Pryor