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General Development IronPython is a new implementation of the Python language targeting the Common Language Runtime (CLR). It compiles python programs into bytecode (IL) that will run on either Microsoft's .NET or the Open Source Mono platform. Elsewhere, "A Byte of Python" is a free book (or free tutorial) on Python. It is meant to be a guide to anyone learning Python.
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Why is IronPython faster than CPython?
by Rayiner Hashem on Sun 28th Mar 2004 20:28 UTC

Because CPython is slow ;) Unlike other dynamic languages, the Python implementation doesn't do all the extreme optimizations that implementations for other dynamic languages do. Thus, it is no surprise that when ported to .NET (and getting the benefit of JIT compilation vs pure bytecode interpretation) that IronPython comes out faster. These results would not necessarily generalize to other dynamic languages, that have highly-evolved optimizations that aren't necessarily so easily-implemented in .NET.