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General Development IronPython is a new implementation of the Python language targeting the Common Language Runtime (CLR). It compiles python programs into bytecode (IL) that will run on either Microsoft's .NET or the Open Source Mono platform. Elsewhere, "A Byte of Python" is a free book (or free tutorial) on Python. It is meant to be a guide to anyone learning Python.
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And the great question is......
by Mike on Sun 28th Mar 2004 22:18 UTC

Beyond the syntax of Python, will any of the libraries and built-in functions really work well on .NET? I also don't see how it will be possible for them to really use real .NET as Python has no support for interfaces and real abstract classes from what I've read. It would be one thing to just treat say... XmlNodeList.GetEnumerator()'s return as a Python class, but how does Python for .NET do this: class MyObject(BaseClass, IEnumerator, IComparable): ?

I think it's really cool that Jim's working on a means of using Python on .NET, but I am one of those people who thinks that the Python language as a whole would be better suited with a move to Parrot. It would be a real bitch for both Sun and Microsoft if Parrot not only had PERL6 and Python support, but supported a variant of VisualBasic.NET and Java all of which would be interoperable once compiled to Parrot bytecode.