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Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs This is a reminder for our 'Xandros Business Desktop 2.0 competition'. We only had 8 entries so far, so there is a huge chance that you will be able to win this prize (valued at $129 USD). The competition ends on Wednesday night (PST time), so if you would like to get so close on winning an online competition as never before, read here on how to enter the competition.
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by re on Tue 30th Mar 2004 19:59 UTC

Well I just sent in my own review and it wasnt so nice. I honestly wonder if they'll post it considering the contest.

What I have found with Xandros is that it does what it does well which seems to be to allow home users to move from windows to linux. Anything above and beyond that forget about it.

What I wish personally is that someone could take the Xandros interface which is quite nice, including the Xandros File Manager, and put it in a distro that allows for more flexibility.

Oh and if you have a problem with something not working on the system forget about support. Its practically none existent and not very polite at that.

I havent tried the other windows like distros meaning Lindows or Libranet but from what Ive seen Xandros is essentially Lindows with a bit more functionality.

They claim that its a business oriented desktop but to be honest I just dont see it. In fact I mentioned that on their site and I got blacklisted for it. Boy talk about a supprotive user communitee!

But I will say a few things about it. Its easy to install. Has the best looking interface I have seen in a linux distro. And its very good a simply connecting to things such as networks and printers. this is really where it shines. I have been darn impressed with its ability to just work in this respect.

But as I said dont bother trying to installing anything to complex like Vmware on it. I tried and it failed. There was a posting on their user forum from a while back about installing it under a different version. I tried the instructions and it failed. When I asked tech support they either gave me the Xandros didnt built it so we dont support it or better why am i actually trying to do anything with the system above and beyond whats installed. How dare i!

But I think anybody who tries it will like it. For now I'm looking for another distro. Oh as a sidenote its not the fastest distro out there.

As a sidenote whats up with Mandrake and Suse orientating themselves so much to "newbies". I thought these were both hack distros that were used by business types.