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Re: Re: The 30 days term.
by dpi on Thu 1st Apr 2004 09:46 UTC

"By getting it posted on OSNews, he has a far better chance of that than by posting it on his own site."

Sorry, i disagree. Well put information spreads well anyway. Perhaps slower when not posted on a popular website. I learned that myself after i wrote articles for small websites; later i discovered a few of them popping up in other on-line e-zines and newssites.

There are a lot of (small) websites which don't have this clause ;) like you put it: a better deal. I'd like to point that out and i believe i'm Free to do so.

"It's actually common practice for many magazines to apply and enforce a period of exclusivity for any submitted articles. Many, in fact, restrict submissions to other magazines until such time as they have accepted or declined the article in question."

Uhm. I basically said that too, didn't i?

There is a huge difference which both Will and you haven't bothered to think about. Instead you claim the newsposter gains something which he/she already gains on other websites as well. I addressed: those magazines PAY their authors! On, authors get NOTHING of the revenue makes.

Here, take Newsforge:

"We pay $50 - $300 for news, reviews, case studies, HOWTOs, and feature articles directly related to Linux, Open Source, or Free Software. We expect a "30-day exclusive" on paid articles. Look at what we're already publishing to get an idea of the kind of stories we like, but don't be afraid to submit an idea that's unlike anything else we've ever published. We love originality."

(Notice the word "expect"; it implies negotiations are open.)

If it is a Good article you have a high chance of getting your fame on (sites like) Slashdot (or OSnews ;) , too. Overal, a much better deal if you ask me.

A repeat as summary: What you assert is: "You get the fame and the possibility to share your information using our popularity and we grab all the money ourselves" and including a the 30-days term which i never stumbled across _without_ a compensation in the form of money.

If you still haven't understood it: there is a huge difference.