Linked by Johnny Hughes on Tue 6th Apr 2004 02:26 UTC
Linux What is Enterprise Linux? Who has it? What does it cost? Are there any viable free alternatives? These are all questions that this article will address and try to answer.
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Re: support
by Lyn Rees on Tue 6th Apr 2004 09:27 UTC

"It seems to me that attempting to find a "free" (as in beer) Enterprise Linux is kind of silly. What makes it "enterprise" is more the support contracts and bug fix agreements than the actual product. Sure there are admin tools and the like, but it comes down to who is going to come and fix your server when it goes down at 2am, and that is a person you have to pay for, not a bit of code."

I must disagree. If I required a server for a small business I would NOT be interested in paying for support when I could look after the server myself, using my existing skills and the support of some of the excellent on-line forums.

I would however want a stable release, with a long release cycle and a long support period. This means that I dont't have to upgrade the server to new releases regurlarly (every 6-12 months), and I can depend on security updates for 2-3 years.

I would use Debian Stable or posibly one of the Redhat based distros listed, I'm not sure why Debian Stable why it isn't included in this article?