Linked by Johnny Hughes on Tue 6th Apr 2004 02:26 UTC
Linux What is Enterprise Linux? Who has it? What does it cost? Are there any viable free alternatives? These are all questions that this article will address and try to answer.
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by Bas on Tue 6th Apr 2004 10:15 UTC

>What about FreeBSD?
What about it?

>Many enterprises are using it and getting uptime records. Just

Those companies are running a webserver on FreeBSD mostly not even there database/transactions servers. Problem with BSD is that there aren't a lot of companies that support it. Like Oracle, CA, IBM or SUN. Linux is much more spread and has the benefit of corporate backup.

>If you want less bugs and more speed, try FreeBSD. ;)

I think you miss the whole point of doing business.
Linux kernel 2.6 is a quantum leap from 2.4 it out preforms the current FreeBSD kernel on almost every task, esp. database and connectivity. I run FreeBSD (4.8) and OpenBSD (3.3) and always BUY them to support the community but
as Linux is progressing and being backuped by LARGE companies its a much more better choice for businesses or a least those companies think so.