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Linux What is Enterprise Linux? Who has it? What does it cost? Are there any viable free alternatives? These are all questions that this article will address and try to answer.
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As an IT manager, I am pleased to say that Open Source software resides on more and more of our servers as time goes by, particularly in LAMP applications. I must say, though, that anyone in a position of responsibility in an enterprise environment should be fired for lack of judgment if they choose a "whitebox" solution over a paid, contract-backed product. Departmental staffing can be volatile - - the people here today can be gone tomorrow for any number of reasons. Support agreements with strong partners like RedHat or Novell provide some assurance that when your top Linux engineer leaves you, you aren't left dangling in the breeze with the "distro of the week." The support angle is a key component of Microsoft's success thus far. Almost any tech can solve Windows problems if he/she can dial the MS support number (and has $250).