Linked by Johnny Hughes on Tue 6th Apr 2004 02:26 UTC
Linux What is Enterprise Linux? Who has it? What does it cost? Are there any viable free alternatives? These are all questions that this article will address and try to answer.
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Spelling/Grammar checkers
by Anonymous on Tue 6th Apr 2004 15:29 UTC

(nitpick mode on...)

Come on, people. It's just silly to be reading a professional publication and see something like this:

"Here is what each says the purpose of it's enterprise product is."
"RedHat says it's enterprise offering..."
"SUSE touts it's enterprise product..."
"Mandrake bills it's enterprise edition..."
" was slower to release it's first set of ISO's."

At least your spelling of "it's" is consistent. CONSISTENTLY WRONG!

Oh, if only this were an isolated event. Here, we see one of the readers replying to the article:

"Slackware has a reputation for stability. It's remote administration and package management..."

Maybe I'm expecting too much when I assume that a professional, technical article will be run through a spelling/grammar checker before it's submitted. But I don't think so. Attention to detail is, in my opinion, a mandatory part of professional publication. If proper spelling and grammar are used, it doesn't necessarily lend credibility to the author's points. On the other hand, their absence makes me wonder how seriously the author can be taken.