Linked by Johnny Hughes on Tue 6th Apr 2004 02:26 UTC
Linux What is Enterprise Linux? Who has it? What does it cost? Are there any viable free alternatives? These are all questions that this article will address and try to answer.
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RE: RE: I would go for Debian
by Edward on Tue 6th Apr 2004 21:27 UTC

Up to date packages. Debian is just too obsolate.

For server environment, three key products are too obsolate to run anything in production: PHP, Apache and MySQL.

While I can appreciate that you want newer vresions of software, it is fairly difficult to insist on a long release cycle and newer packages. You can't have it both ways.

That said, most of the issues I've heard on this is because Debian stable installs php3 by default. However, it does fully support php4, which I use on my debian/stable server.

(apt-get install php4)

Also, on the x86 platform, especially on server apps, I suspect i386 compilied akes very little difference on speed.

Not that that really matters, because you are running on Sparc anyway...

Hey, wait a minute...