Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 7th Apr 2004 05:50 UTC
Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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Apple might be in trouble
by Anonymous on Wed 7th Apr 2004 13:28 UTC

I've become an Apple fan the last couple of years. I own an iBook and an iPod. And I'm going to own a PowerMac. Therein lies the problem. I want a PowerMac. But the current line is 7 months old and was announced 10 months ago. Apple has not updated its computers in a very long time. I thought IBM was going to end the Motorola debacle, but apparently they must be having problems with the G5's production.

Apple needs to stop concentrating on the iPod and start concentrating on building computers again.