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Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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Apple is not dated
by Chris on Wed 7th Apr 2004 14:58 UTC

"I've become an Apple fan the last couple of years. I own an iBook and an iPod. And I'm going to own a PowerMac. Therein lies the problem. I want a PowerMac. But the current line is 7 months old and was announced 10 months ago. Apple has not updated its computers in a very long time. I thought IBM was going to end the Motorola debacle, but apparently they must be having problems with the G5's production.

Apple needs to stop concentrating on the iPod and start concentrating on building computers again."

Actually Apple is quite up to date, their powerboards have PCI-X slots, something PC's are JUST starting to see and you may not see it in a $1000 Dell for another 6-8 months. The G5 is a brand new line from IBM, this compares to Pentium 4's architecture which dates back to the G4's beginnings (it's been updated and upgraded, but it's still old). Athlon dates back to late 2000, the new 64 bit chips are a good change. Apple has SATA drives and DVD burners, they support PC-3200 RAM just like most PC boards.
I don't see where the G5 is old at? Some people seem to think the computer world changes every six months, hardly. Now I'm not a huge fan of some of Apple's methods, but I think they sell a very up to date computer.

I would say the biggest reason you see more lastability from an Apple is better software. You also see more lastability in Linux/BSD boxen; the software doesn't seem to bloat as bad. I still use my old Cyrix 224MHz, it works fine and does every real task my Athlon XP can do. Now it is unbareably slow for some things. I'd say anything above 500MHz (on a PentiumIII equivalence scale) is still a good computer today, and if you don't play games or edit video/images it's all you need.
I don't much like Apple's desktops. I think the iMac is cute, but it's a technically ignorant design. The eMac is butt ugly. But, Apple makes a majorly awesome laptop. I'd love to have an iBook, and they're pretty affordable too. If anyone wonders, I have a used PC laptop cause it was a good deal and I am a poor college student that takes notes on paper anyway.