Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 7th Apr 2004 05:50 UTC
Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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by Taurayi Chitaukire on Wed 7th Apr 2004 16:20 UTC

The point about there being no safety in the plaform in the case of Apple going under (which I doubt) is moot. OS X uses;

1. Darwin
- open source
- available for other processors besides PowerPC

-variants of this microprocessors architecture can or will be found in the following
==>PS3 A.K.A Cell processor
==>GameCube (not sure about next generation)

3. Linux cab run on PPC - many owners of apple computers are running Linux e.g. Yellowdog Linux (i think thats the name).

4. Although Motorola is getting out of the desktop chip business they still use the Power platform for their embedded chips and it is one of the giants in this market

In conclusion, it looks like there is a decent developer community emerging around the PPC and while it may never approach that of x86 I do not think that the (potential) demise of apple should be something that a developer takes into account when concidering developing for that platform or when using Darwin.