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Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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They need the stores
by Brad on Wed 7th Apr 2004 17:16 UTC

The reason Apple stores do good and Gateway stores tanked is simple. Apple needed them, gateway did not. Going to a Gateway store isn't going to help you any over buying the computer online, unless it's your first computer so you can't get online I guess. You know what windowsXP is like, it's all around us, you know the newer computer is faster, and it will simply work much like what you have. So you don't need to deal with it in person to buy it.

Now go to apple. Sure you can buy them online just the same, but is a first time mac person going to buy one? There is a problem. With buying a mac you probably haven't used one or seen one. You know they are differant. It took years of OSX being out before I finaly saw it in person. To spend so much money on something you have never used in any way is kinda a sketchy thing to do. Odds are a new buyer doesn't know anyone with a mac, or at the least not with a new one that could serve as a taste of owning one. Apple has squat for market share. You'd have to know 100 people to have a change of knowing someone with a mac (and then know and have been around each of their computers), and if your older, or in a less urban environment youre even more unlikely to know someone with a mac. This is why the apple stores are so important to them. People can go to the stores and experiance a mac. I'd love a 17 inch powerbook, or a G5. But, I wasn't going to buy one till I had at least played with one in person. Once you own one then you'll probably just order new ones online from their on out.

Secondly Apple needs to make some real commericals. They haven't had anything but itune/ipod commericals out for months. The G5 commercial did nothing for telling you anything useful about the computer, the imac sticking it's cd tray out was cute but did nothing to tell people why they would want it, same for the power book commericals that haven't been seen in a year. And they have never had a ibook ad. Between barely having commercials, and then not truely showing the product in any way to make you want to buy it they haven't helped things. I think apple still has a way to go to save themselves from the switch commericals. They were a huge anti ad for apple. "your an idiot, buy a mac, their easy for idiots, and if you don't buy one you're a bigger idiot......" yeah great marketing. The giant ad on the left side of OSnews isn't going to get them there either. On a differant note, I thought they couldn't say "The world's fastest personal computer" anymore.

Will people stop saying macs last longer, if people keep their macs longer it has alot more to do with buying a new mac is to expensive, you can upgrade a PC all the time for the cheap. Also Apple didn't give people a reason to upgrade for years. How much slower was an early G4 vs a later G4 mac, and would it be worth the upgrade? No. And how many years did that span like 3-4 or so.

If you buy a PC of equivalant quality to a mac, it's going to last just as long. Computers don't get replaced because of computer failure very often. They get replaced because people feel like replacing them, and thats way cheaper to do in the wintel world.

"Just like how BMW's market share is miniscule compared to Ford. Sure BMW could grow its business by selling $9000 cars but do they need to? Does BMW target the same market as Ford? Does anyone care less about BMW because their cars are $35,000 more expensive than a comparable Ford? Are people insane for wanting to get their picture taken next to a BMW 760Li in a parking lot instead of a Taurus?"

well ford doesn't make anything close to a 9000 dollar car, secondly BMWs don't cost 35,000 dollars more, unless you are making one crazy comparison of models, or going with some insane overpriced model. BMW has dropped their prices massively over the years to survive. People arn't going to pay insane amounts of money for something that gets you little gains. Paying crazy amounts of money for a car is for people who somehow think a Ford is a crap car, it's not it's just a well priced car. And since when is a 7 series a competitor to a Taurus? Also what kind of person would get their picture with a car in a parking lot, (the doings of people like this don't matter to me). Maybe some sort of exotic car, at a car show. I would think a good number of people would be down with a Ford GT. Also BMWs cost more because their is a certain amount that will pay it. A large part of their cost is the transfering to the customer fines the company pays for not meeting emissions regs, and mileage standards, and import taxes. The last is why they make BMWs in the US now. Also BMW was hurting before they cut prices, Ford nearly bought BMW in 1999.

Apple need a new orginal iMac, a dirt cheap computer that people will want. One that people will buy for their kids and so forth. No the emac is not it. The need basicly a screenless imac. Something that will attrack lots of people right now. Their laptops are doing it some, but plenty of people don't want a laptop, and laptops are still more expensive then desktops. Right now Apple gets sales booms when new models comes, the faithful, or those who were waiting buy them then sales go back in the woodwork. When the G5 powerbook comes sales will be huge, but then fad away. They need a computer with mass appeal that people will buy up. They haven't had such a computer for a long long time.