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Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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Stores and Apple's Market Share
by amos on Wed 7th Apr 2004 19:30 UTC

1) Apple's stores aren't intended to "sell" products as much they are intended to promote consumer mindshare. Secondarily, Apple maintains stores in an online world because consumers like knowing there's a brick and mortar dealer around the corner. The consumer may never NEED to visit the store, but it's comforting to know it's there.

2) As reported in Slashdot, the number of Macs hitting Google is at a 2 year high. Yes, Google's methodology is prone to all sorts of errors, but it suggests things are in fact improving.

3) For the past 3 years the problem with the Mac has been the G4 and an immature operating system. Apple recognized this and did three things in 2003: it unveiled the G5, it played to the strengths of the G4- the laptop market, and it worked like hell to rewrite OsX. In these 3 areas, high performance desktop chips, low-power laptop chips, and a leaner, faster OS, Apple has a clear road for the forseable future.

4) Linux. Beyond Fink, Apple is making it easier and easier to turn Linux apps into native OsX apps. The reverse is also true. The resulting cross-pollination is creating an explosion of programs for both Linux and OsX

5) Just say no to Microsoft. I have a Windows machine at home, like it and rarely have problems with it. But entire nations are realizing that it may not make sense to tie themselves to closely to Redmond. As a result, billions of government dollars are being invested to subsidize competitors to Windows. Yes, Linux is the primary recipient of that investment. But Apple gets to play that card too.

6) Two years ago I was ready to write off Apple. Now, I think it's poised to reclaim some long lost turf. Windows fans should hope this is true... real competition is the only thing that pushes corporations forward.