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Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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re:Newsflash: Mac cheaper than PC!
by Brad on Wed 7th Apr 2004 19:57 UTC

"I bought a G3 iBook 800MHz a few weeks ago, brand new with the OSX Panther upgrade disks included for a shade over 500 GBP including vat (tax) & delivery. I would have been hard pushed to find a new PC laptop for a similar price, and when that was the case all the other catalogues went straight in the recycler! "

Oh wow, one model, holy god, BUY NOW BUY NOW. Please this argument gets stupid. One cheap model does not make all macs cheaper then PCs. Apple does price their laptops fairly competitive. The rest, not so much. Also their frankly isnt very much that is interesting for most in the ibook. There is probably something you saw in it, but not for most people. I would guess you wanted a 12 inch screen. Now I know there are many mac die hards that love this. But frankly smaller isn't something that most people want. Hense why there is more and more 17 inch models coming out. I would safely bet that I could find much more disirable PC laptops for less or equal cost. $1100 isn't that impressive for that laptop at all. Hell, If I only had that much I'd buy a emac, or I'd spend a bit more and get a remaining stock Dual Powermac, or a 1.6ghz G5. But in the end I wouldn't spend that much on a computer. If I'm going to spend over a grand on a computer, I'm getting something damn nice, not an ibook. Other wise I'll spend my money on a nice Shuttle XPC for much less.

For me the closest thing to a mac laptop I would want is the 17 incher, but I'll wait till a G5 model since the current one just isn't worth the money. The iBooks look like something made by playskool for kids to play with.

Right now It's a hard sell to sell anyone anything less then a G5 mac. Which really cuts down on the options. A 1.6ghz G5 powermac would be your cheapest option, I think they are 1600 bucks. Plenty of 1000 dollar PC will take that thing. Sure it looks pretty, but for those who haven't looked, PC makers are making some nice looking cases to.

This shouldn't become a this model vs this model, this is better then that and what about this bla bla fest. Across the board PCs are cheaper that it, period. Apple has come a long way, the powermac definitly gave them a boost, OSX has gotten very nice. But stay realistic.