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Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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re: Mac price misconceptions
by DJ Jedi Jeff on Wed 7th Apr 2004 20:16 UTC

While giving that a 12" notebook is cheaper, it's quite easy to find many 14" notebooks from Dell that cost less than a 12" notebook from Apple, even when upgrading the hardware to get equivalent items (such as DVD+/-RW/CD-RW combo drive).

That's because Dell, in addition to selling real laptop computers, also sells desktops cleverly designed to look like laptops.

This is exactly the problem I usually have with looking at a Mac, because I get charged for a modem, keyboard, mouse, and maybe an 802.11 adapter, all of which I will never use on a desktop system

Really? You can actually buy a Dell without a keyboard and mouse? I found a way to upgrade the mouse but at what looks like full retail price for the new mouse. Similarly, I can't take out the modem or the ethernet. I am sure Dell would configure a system without these items but there does not appear to be a way to lower the price by removing them.

Dell will allow you to remove the monitor. But the savings of $50 is almost a joke.

Really, I just don't know what you are talking about.

iMacs and PowerMacs often have to stand up against $200-500 desktop PCs for comparisons, and when the Apple products start at 2-3x the top end of that curve, things tend to go south quite quickly

1. You can't get a real valuable (for anything other than a firewall) $200 PC anywhere
2. Perhaps you should use the eMac for comparison then. That IS the value model in Apple's lineup.
3. Nothing in the $500 range on a PC can possibly compare to what you get in a G5 PowerMac. Don't make me laugh.

I wish people would stop being vague about such things and point out exactly why they feel the price difference is justified.

DUH. There IS no price difference. That is what people have been saying (that you have been ignoring). The ONLY difference is that Apple forces you to buy a minimum bundle of features.