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Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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Laptop price comparison....
by Jason Umiker on Thu 8th Apr 2004 05:29 UTC

For those saying there is no price benefit, that is total bull. I bought an iPod a few months back and had been making regular trips into the Apple store to oogle at the laptops. I was just about ready to plunk down my $1100 for an iBook not too long ago. I am an avid linux/unix user and was looking forward to being able to run Word next to my favorite unix apps and all that comes with unix with a slick GUI on top. And I had heard great things about the battery life which was always horrid on my last PC laptop. Then, I forced myself to go to Dell's website and just see what $1100 would get me. I ended up with an Inspiron 8600 w/1.4 Ghz P-M, 512MB Ram, 40 gig drive, DVD+RW drive, NVidia GeForce 5650 w/128MB DDR Vram, integrated 802.11b and bluetooth, a beautiful 15" widescreen, a second battery, and a 3 year warrenty for $1500 after rebate. And that with using all of the software I already have (I had bought XP Pro and Office previously) which is an often overlooked and expensive part of the apple purchase, btw. I got a machine that is pretty comparable to the 15" powerbook, if not better spec-ed, for well over $1000 less when you throw in AppleCare and software and the AirPort and the second battery etc. Plus, I am really impressed with the Pentium M/Centrino... even with all that is in here I am getting over 4 hours stardard usage on a battery which was unheard of with my previous Pentium III-M system. Intel finally produced a low power nice performing notebook processor/chipset and Dell finally was able to rip off the 15" powerbook form factor. I love my new notebook which is blisteringly fast, feels solid, is relatively astetically pleasing, and MUCH MUCH cheaper than a similarly spec-ed Apple. On the order of 4 digits cheaper... And I really wanted to justify the Apple... but the numbers just don't justify it. And those that say they do are deluding themselves. The bottom line is you pay quite the premium for Apple and, to quote Ford (which has been mentioned here a few times), if you don't understand what the price/performance/features of the PC world are "look again" and the iBook/Powerbook don't look so inexpensive. Your unix desire can be satisfied much more cheaply with something like this and Linux and you can VMWare into Windows, the same as you would with VirtualPC on the Mac, with much better performance and compatibility.