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Apple By most counts, they're a hit. But they were intended to woo new users to the fold, yet Mac market share has only budged -- lower, says BusinessWeek.
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Re: Laptop price comparison
by edmacman on Thu 8th Apr 2004 08:55 UTC

Good point Jason. So I did the same with my G5 1.6 ghz. Went to the dell store to see what you could come up with that would be comparable to mine. Alas, no 64 bit processors i did find. ok , so i stick with the top of the line 3.4 pentium, 2 gig of 400 ddr ram (i bought my ram on the open market, same as you would) slower vid card( they didn't have same one i have, but still 64 mb ddr) a larger sata drive(nice!!) , a crapola monitor( couldn't ditch it, i already have 21" sony crt). a very nice machine, for about 300 bucks less than mine. a solid bargin, to say the least. hp and compac canada were slightly cheaper, but still close ( within 500 of mine) . only problem i have with these machines?

1) windows. been there, done that. not saying good or bad, just my preference... behind max osx, behind linux, behind any bsd, comes windows. for me.
2) uh , all 32 bit cpu's. mine's 64, and when market get's a load of 64 bit os by end of year, what will yours resell for? what will mine ? get it?
3)maybe what things look like don't matter to you, if that's the case my sister can be reached at 1-800-fat-chick!! happy times! ( just kidding, she's lost wieght!)

The whole stereo type mac is more money thing realy is crap.
i bought my first emac for 1100 canadian. sold it 6 months later to a friend for 900. and yes , we're still buds. he couldn't find one for that price. i never would dream of that with any pc i've ever had.

Also, I've had 4 brand new puters in the last year. a emachine 1600 amd, a home built (re upgrade emachine) 2600+ barton, an emac 1 ghz, and my g5 1.6ghz mac. All in the last 12 months. I am not going back, and won't be buying any new ones for a long while.. (well, maybe a dual 3 ghz , if it happens. what am I saying???!!) My point is this: you get what you pay for. And mac's are a little more , a little better, and hold value alot better.