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Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Are you a Java or a .NET/Mono/Portable.NET developer? Then you might be interested in this competition that could help you win a prize that's worth over $3000 US.
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by Oracle Ninja on Fri 9th Apr 2004 15:32 UTC

"Linux still costs significantly more to develop on than windows"

First I think it's great your company is willing to give something like this for a prize. That alone says a lot if you ask me no matter what OS it runs on.

Your statment about linux costing significantly more to develop on than windows. That I'm wondering about. Maybe in you personal experience that is true, but as a blanket statement I can't say I would think that to be true. Considering your tool only runs on Windows I assume your shop is a micrsoft only development shop, which means the developers are probably locked into the microsoft way or the highway. So that statement really has more holes in it then swiss cheese. Maybe your developers are not proficient on using Linux tools. This is not a fault of devlepment on Linux but the people who can't use it.

How much would it cost to create a database app in VS .NET and then port that same app to Linux, Mac, and Unix? I'm not sure how much, but you would be doing atleast 2 - 3 rewrites to get that same application natively running on those platforms. If you use a tool like QT you can program on any platform and recompile on any other with little to no code change.

So if I use QT on Linux with Kdevelop my cost is pretty low compared to your project only written in .NET and then being ported to the others. Or if I write my app with QT on Windows with VS .NET I can compile on Linux. Either way you pay a license fee for QT on both platforms. VS .NET is a nice tool, but to be honest for Kdevelop being free I would go with Kdevelop and QT any day of the week over VS .NET or what ever else Microsoft wants to call it. In a microsoft only world VS .NET is nice tool with a fairly low cost $1000+. But then you can't create applications for other platforms and cross platform will continue to be more of an issue as time goes on.

I think depending on the project Linux can be just as cheap if not cheaper as Windows.