Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 5th Apr 2004 02:18 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Are you a Java or a .NET/Mono/Portable.NET developer? Then you might be interested in this competition that could help you win a prize that's worth over $3000 US.
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Yes I can back this up
by Allan Edwards on Fri 9th Apr 2004 18:30 UTC

I can totally backup that Windows is far cheaper to develop on than Linux. Although I own Aspire, I also still code a lot. In my career I worked with Solaris and Linux. After all is said and done, you can do way more, way fater, and product a much cleaner, and feature rich application dollar for dollar on windows. .NET is 4x faster to develop in than any other development tool on the market today. I know this from working on C++ compilers early in my career then moving to .NET. Mono is currently Linuxes only hope and they are WAY behind currently. Money speaks louder than anything because everyone wants the lowest cost for their IT solutions. If Linux was it, people would move to it in drives and Microsoft would be out of business. But currently Microsoft is the best value. Swatter itself would have cost 5x more to build if it had been done on Linux. Their is no way. So for now, feature rich, powerful applications like Swatter will continue to be released on windows vs Linux. Don't get me wrong, I like Linux a lot, but when you get right down the pocket book, it makes no sense currently.