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Slackware, Slax This is an article about my experiences with Slackware 9.1, a distribution of Linux that I find enjoyable, along with programs that I find useful and enjoyable.
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>>Install the gnucash slackware package from<<

That's where I got it, it doesn't work. I've been fighting with this for some time. I'm not the only one.

Hrmmm. I installed but have yet to actually start it up. Might be the fact that you also need the gwrap package. I'm in the middle of installing gnome 2.6, so testing is kinda outa the question =)

>>Add "ZAxisMapping" "4 5" to the mouse input section of your XF86Config. That information is readily available on the Net<<

Okay. It seems there is always some configuration to do after the initial install with anything. No bash, I'm just relating my experience.

Ya, I find that I have to do this one after every slackware install. Maybe I'm missing something in the X config (done it dozens of times)

chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.cups
/etc/rc.d/rc.cups start

Thanks, will try it.

Hope it works. If not, lemme know.

>>Never heard of lilo not installing during a Slackware install<<

No offense, but you must not have read too many slackware install forums. This is a very common problem, and has been for some time. BTW: I have installed several linux distros on my system, only slackware gives me this problem. Although, it's easy enough to fix.

No offence taken. Actually, I have never read any slackware install forums. I have never had any issues installing slackware, and I have probably 30 or so 9.x installs under my belt (not to mention the hundreds of previous versions I have installed for servers, firewalls, etc.). I have not really been one to get into the Slackware Community until lately.

I would love to see slackware move to grub for a bootloader.

>>Don't blame gnome for that. That's a problem with your X setup, or the driver itself.<<

Maybe, I think there are ways to speed up dropline-gnome, but I don't know how.

Not sure how either. Possible that it's the glx or dri modules not being loaded from within your XF86Config. With my gnome install, it was the fact that I just installed a new GeForce 4 and was using the generic nv driver for X, rather than the one from nvidia. World of difference afterwards.

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