Linked by Steve Husted on Mon 12th Apr 2004 09:30 UTC
Slackware, Slax This is an article about my experiences with Slackware 9.1, a distribution of Linux that I find enjoyable, along with programs that I find useful and enjoyable.
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this guy is clueless
by Brian P on Tue 13th Apr 2004 05:26 UTC

i couldn't stand to read it after the third page, yuck.

talking about your own ignorance and putting linux down is quite this fellow's lot.

1. Gets hissy when he gets a new computer with a badly supported graphics card and complains when linux/XFree86 doesn't run?????

2. He tries to make himself look like a real smart guy, however most people that i know would simply do a diff on the XF86config file from another distro to discover the ZAxisMapping. it took me all of 5 minutes to do myself!!!!

3. His rant about apt-get being a source pkg utility is absurd. it is what it is, and no more. if you want an apt-get source pkg manger than try gentoo or *bsd, i mean come on, we could spend all day in fairy land talking about how to change things that other people like just fine, gag

4. and the icing on the cake was when he was talking about ease of use for newbies, it's slackware for christ's sake

5. he recompiled the kernel when all he had to do was add a line in /etc/moduls.conf or do a simple modprobe and yet he puts down the distro, sounds like to me he shouldn't be using slackware

all i can say is this guy is a chode, he may use linux however his own incompetence as a linux user makes me sad:-(