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Original OSNews Interviews What happens when ex-Lycoris employees join a Linux-friendly hardware computer reseller? Apparently, a new desktop Linux distro with a kick: the hardware that comes with it is meant to give you the Apple experience. ION Linux is a Debian-based distro that is meant to work well with the hardware it sells with. Read on for our interview with Element Computer's Mike Hjorleifsson (one of the founders and CTO) regarding their new upcoming products and a screenshot of ION.
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Weird replies by that guy
by Jon on Tue 13th Apr 2004 20:32 UTC

> We don't publicly state who and where our developers are for obvious reasons.

I don't see any obvious reasons. The question how was big the dev team is, not what the names of each one or what their favorite burger.

As a consumer, I would like to know from who I buy computers/software and what are the abilities of the company in question to fix my problems.

What is obvious is that the dev team is probably a 1-2 people, which is too small to be considered "serious".

> Are you going to provide a dev kit?

He never replied to this.

> We are obviously providing a more robust experience than the "install it yourself, support yourself" typical Windows mantra.

Huh? Last time I checked most people were getting their PCs preinstalled with Windows. Is this guy full of FUD or what?