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Original OSNews Interviews What happens when ex-Lycoris employees join a Linux-friendly hardware computer reseller? Apparently, a new desktop Linux distro with a kick: the hardware that comes with it is meant to give you the Apple experience. ION Linux is a Debian-based distro that is meant to work well with the hardware it sells with. Read on for our interview with Element Computer's Mike Hjorleifsson (one of the founders and CTO) regarding their new upcoming products and a screenshot of ION.
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Good stuff
by Lumbergh on Tue 13th Apr 2004 21:12 UTC

I can see a good market for this being the small to medium sized businesses without a lot of linux expertise in-house but are fed up paying for microsoft's products. The 12 support contacts is something inbetweeen say just install support and a mucho-dinero fullblown RedHat support contract.

I think it's a testatement to the KDE framework that these people, xandros, lindows and others use custom or stock KDEs for their desktops. Nothing against Gnome, I'm running 2.6.

To the conspiracy nuts, what is so secret and evasive about their answers? All he said, was that he wasn't going to disclose what that other distribution it's based on yet. Although I don't know what the obvious reason for not disclosing developer names is, who cares?