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Original OSNews Interviews What happens when ex-Lycoris employees join a Linux-friendly hardware computer reseller? Apparently, a new desktop Linux distro with a kick: the hardware that comes with it is meant to give you the Apple experience. ION Linux is a Debian-based distro that is meant to work well with the hardware it sells with. Read on for our interview with Element Computer's Mike Hjorleifsson (one of the founders and CTO) regarding their new upcoming products and a screenshot of ION.
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Responses to some posts
by Mike From Element Computer on Wed 14th Apr 2004 03:26 UTC

I jumped in to answer some of the questions I saw in the posts, rather than let rumor and gossip take over.

1. Are we based on lindows... NO

2. Are we going to state who's framework we used.. YES

3. Why dont we release the names of our dev team. Well gents being in IT biz for over 15 years I can tell you its NEVER a good idea to give out the names of your developers, headhunting, email swarms of nonsense advertising etc..

4. "Where are they located?"
That's easy all over N. America and Europe, our team telecommutes it has been a great productivity gain for us, bright guys dont work well on the strict 9-5 work week.

5. "Sounds great, but how will they ever compete? I mean, look at the number of Mac user in the world compared to the number of Windows users, how did they reach the conclusion that integrated hardware and software solutions is the way to success? "

Well we arent saying we are going to topple Microsoft, what we are stating is that from the feedback we have received from our existing customers, general market information and dicussions at various user groups, there is a market for this.

6. "I would use the force of opensource instead of removing it. "

We agree, we are providing our software as open source and want to leverage the open source power and flexibility, BUT we want business customers NOT to HAVE to learn how to integrate open source for themselves to use linux, we arent saying they should or shouldn't just that as it stands now THEY HAVE TO.

A widget manufacturer or restaurant supplier you dont care about the technology, just that it A) works B) provides a return on your $$ investment.

7. ". is cheaper to buy a dell or hp system AND a SuSE or whatever-comercial-linux-distro-you-like license. "

Actually I disagree, go to dell's site, price a Laptop with close to the same specs (799.00 at the time of this email) then add Suse 89.00 and then HOPE that everything works. That is what we are trying to solve.

8. "Seams like a newbie marketing guy to me.."
Well I am not the marketing guy, I am the CTO, our marketing guy though is responsible for the $199.00 Walmart PC promotions you may have hear of. We obviously disagree, no reason to belittle someone's skills/character.

9. "How much do they contribute to the OSS movement, the people who make the software that allows them to sell the hardware?"
That is a great question, we will be releasing this information shortly.

10. "One things for sure though, they MUST get more variety in their desktop systems! That stupid all in one design just doesn't cut it. Only Apple can get away with that, period."

We agree, we will be releasing additional models in the over the next few weeks, and server appliances that work seamlessly with these devices later this summer.

11. "I read a lot of complaints on the web about these guys - hardware constantly breaks, so it makes sense you get 12 times of support."

I challenge this claim, we provide outstanding service to our customers to ensure they are happy with the hardware they purchase. Are we perfect, no of course not but we stand by our customers and make sure we handle any issues, the 12 incidents ARE NOT hardware support incidents, those are FREE for a period of a year.

I will have the marketing folks EXPAND on that. The 12 incidents can be used for software upgrade questions, software training type questions, its a way for us to provide an outlet for their questions rather than pointing them to google to search answers on their own and hope they find a forum to help them.