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Original OSNews Interviews What happens when ex-Lycoris employees join a Linux-friendly hardware computer reseller? Apparently, a new desktop Linux distro with a kick: the hardware that comes with it is meant to give you the Apple experience. ION Linux is a Debian-based distro that is meant to work well with the hardware it sells with. Read on for our interview with Element Computer's Mike Hjorleifsson (one of the founders and CTO) regarding their new upcoming products and a screenshot of ION.
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Here are some more answers to the questions that were posted yesterday my answers are prefaced
with a >>

Any plans to release it with CrossOver office
and/or Microsoft Office built-in... as an option?
>> Yes it is already in the pipeline, as is Win4Lin and KDE 3.2.1

Do you plan to duplicate most wanted 'deb' files for your platform, if so, how does a customer
proceed to vote/request for such? On your Website ?
>> Absolutely, via the update mechanism.

Is it possible to easily uninstall/reinstall packages? (not only install/upgrade)
>> Yes.

Do you plan to notice users to upgrade there thing (KDE applet) to tell them "upgrade your system",
for instance, for latest security patch?
>> Rather than using system resources for this we are providing a place for customers to subscribe
to the updates list which will give them a summary of the updates available and link to install.

Does the laptop comes with a wireless LAN card?
>> Wireless is optional on all models

Is it possible to connect/disconnect/reconnect 'on the fly' to various Wireless networks on the fly automagically?
>> Yes

Samething with printers (a better CUPS)...

Tip: If it does all that maybe you should send trial versionto some editorial people for marketing purposes.
Especially, those who complained for any of the above! ;)

>> We are planning magazine reviews with over a dozen US magazines and a dozen or so European mags.

"or is it more than obvious that - given the developers worked for lycoris before they joined e.c - their base-distro is lycoris?"
>> That is a logical thought but no, we needed more flexibility than lycoris could provide for our roadmap.

Will Gnome be available as an option for a desktop?
>> We dont currently have it but we are soliciting feedback to see how much demand is out there for it.