Linked by Filippo Pappalardo on Wed 14th Apr 2004 07:36 UTC
Multimedia, AV I wanted to write something about the great progress being carried on linux as OS of choice for a professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) since a long time. With the inclusion of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) into the 2.6 kernels, time has come to extend my experiences to all of you.
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RE: @Darius
by Anonymous on Wed 14th Apr 2004 16:02 UTC

Don't get so defensive because Linux does not do something as well as other operating systems. Maybe one day you will come to terms with the fact that Linux is not the best thing in the world for everything, and stop whining about anyone whose opinion differs. And Darius has stated in the past that he has used Linux, so your childish ranting is off-target. Have you ever taken even any basic psychology classes? You're telling a lot more about yourself than I imagine you realize.