Linked by Filippo Pappalardo on Wed 14th Apr 2004 07:36 UTC
Multimedia, AV I wanted to write something about the great progress being carried on linux as OS of choice for a professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) since a long time. With the inclusion of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) into the 2.6 kernels, time has come to extend my experiences to all of you.
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by stray on Wed 14th Apr 2004 16:36 UTC

Being told that Linux software is unready because it lacks this or that feature, is like someone saying they can't make a film, as all they have is a very high quality camera and editing suite.

As long as you can record, edit and mix with a few common plugins (comp,eq etc), you can make an album.

Too much emphasis is placed nowadays on the tools we use to make music, rather than the ideas and abilities of the musicians.

I agree, I'm a musician and engineer as well (heh, sorry, but I refer to producers as engineers ;) , and I could care less about a gajillion VST plugs (though my criticism still stands of the lack of synths on Linux). Most of it just gets in my way. I regularly have "analog days", so I know where your heading.

Of there are caveats, the software has to be reliable to allow this. That is my main problem with Linux audio software at the moment.

That's all my problem is too (stability and power). If I was just setting up a home studio though, I'm sure I could do quite a bit with it.