Linked by Filippo Pappalardo on Wed 14th Apr 2004 07:36 UTC
Multimedia, AV I wanted to write something about the great progress being carried on linux as OS of choice for a professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) since a long time. With the inclusion of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) into the 2.6 kernels, time has come to extend my experiences to all of you.
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What's Your Music Style?
by Ranty on Wed 14th Apr 2004 21:41 UTC

It's also good to recognize that someone doing a score for a movie--the big time, let's say--isn't going to use Linux at this point. But whether you want to use Linux for music is dependent on the kind of music you want to produce. I play mainly piano and guitar duets with myself, and would in the future like to emulate a small jazz band with synth voices. So I don't need a fancy set-up. I need to edit midi, however, and wasn't impressed with Linux interfaces I saw on Brahms and Rosegarden. They are good programs but behind the cutting edge. Another great program you won't see matched on Linux is Sibelius. If you need that kind of scoring power Linux can't do it. Since I don't earn money at music I can afford to "sell-out" and change my technical needs in accord with my desire to kick MS and Gates out of my life.