Linked by Filippo Pappalardo on Wed 14th Apr 2004 07:36 UTC
Multimedia, AV I wanted to write something about the great progress being carried on linux as OS of choice for a professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) since a long time. With the inclusion of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) into the 2.6 kernels, time has come to extend my experiences to all of you.
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You must be kidding
by tullepost on Thu 15th Apr 2004 08:35 UTC

"(Not only Windows, but OSX as well - so not like you have to patronize 'The Evil Empire', unless you classify Apple in that category as well). "

Not evil, but proprietary. This makes the development-model different, with its negative/positive effects. MS is the worst example of proprietary, but Apple recently killed Logic for Windows. Don't know if that's evil...?!

"Ardour is Cool Edit Pro from 3 years ago..."

No. I have used Cooledit in exactly three years, professionally and at home, it being my favourite app. Recently, however, I began to find it slooow. It does *not* work in realtime, not even in 2.0+. Additionally, Cool calls itself 1.0 with at least 50% of the bugs Ardour has today. I have the newest Audition on WinXP, and it crashes at least once a day. So does Ardour at home, but it claims to be beta, and you can know wich are the weak points, while Cool crashes in random situations.
Cool has *never* been compete'able with Protools, wich I have used semi-professionally for 6 months. Cool cannot simulate a real studio, much because of the practise of mixing down to one track in the multitrack. This makes effects muuuuch slower than Ardour, you can't automate them, and you cannot use them during record.

I guess you might have used Cooledit a bit, and judged Ardour from the screenshot? Myself I was only going to play around with Linux, but now, since Ardour is almost finished, I can use that instead and work 100% in realtime with effects, even *while recording*! I'm gonna propose it at work too, since it makes a very good replacement for Adobe Audition/Cool edit.