Linked by Owen Anderson on Mon 19th Apr 2004 05:43 UTC
General Development For years the development scene has been dominated by the C family of languages, primarily C itself and its immediate successor C++. Recent years have given rise to other C-descendents, however, such as Sun's Java and Microsoft's C#.
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Two Ds
by Bryan Cantrill on Mon 19th Apr 2004 07:13 UTC

For whatever it's worth, D is also the programming language in DTrace, a new instrumentation facility in Solaris 10. (See for details.) I'm not sure which came first (we started on our D in 2001; this D may well predate it), but hopefully there won't be too much confusion: the D in DTrace is only a monitoring language, not a general-purpose programming language. (It is C-like, however,and has most C constructs -- plus several that are specific to DTrace.) And like the D mentioned here, we have printf() in our D as well -- so I guess by the metrics of an earlier poster, our D sucks too... ;)