Linked by Owen Anderson on Mon 19th Apr 2004 05:43 UTC
General Development For years the development scene has been dominated by the C family of languages, primarily C itself and its immediate successor C++. Recent years have given rise to other C-descendents, however, such as Sun's Java and Microsoft's C#.
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RE: it was sounding good until
by Owen Anderson on Mon 19th Apr 2004 12:35 UTC

I looked at the code and noticed that they had done away with the istream and ostream operators.

You might want to look into DSC.IO on printf/scanf are in fact not reimplemented in D, but making use of D's C link-compatibility to save having to rewrite them while the language was still in development.

There's some talk of merging DSC.IO into Phobos when it's more finished. There's also talk of merging in a DTL library that I hear is approaching a beta stage. Either way, the standard library is expected to improve significantly between now and the 1.0 release, now that the language itself is stable.