Linked by Owen Anderson on Mon 19th Apr 2004 05:43 UTC
General Development For years the development scene has been dominated by the C family of languages, primarily C itself and its immediate successor C++. Recent years have given rise to other C-descendents, however, such as Sun's Java and Microsoft's C#.
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Re: C++ libraries in D?
by the_trapper on Mon 19th Apr 2004 12:37 UTC

If I should go and learn D, which I'm tempet too, there are one thing what I just want to know. Can I use C++ libraries, like Qt(okay Qt isn't true C++ but anyway) and GTK+?

Well, according to the article, D is link-level binary compatible with C, but not with C++. So to use Qt you'd have to wrap it in C and then wrap it in D. This is possible, but kind of ugly and I don't know how much of OOP will still work if you do this. GTK+ will work just fine however, since it is written in C for exactly this reason. C is the lowest common denominator for just about every language binding. This is why GTK+ has more mature language bindings that QT for Perl, Python, and other scripting languages.