Linked by Metin Amiroff on Tue 20th Apr 2004 17:30 UTC
General Development N|vu is a web development application with a WYSIWYG interface that is aimed to be user friendly, easy and powerful, sponsored by Linspire. This review looks at this program in detail and aims to help users to get an idea about it.
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Re: anti-WYSIWIG elitism
by -=StephenB=- on Tue 20th Apr 2004 21:51 UTC

Another problem with WYSIWYG editors in general is that they produce sucky web sites, which cannot be easily made dynamic, or even updated regularly. That's why there is HTML and why people trying to make web sites should learn it.

The reality is more complicated than that. May I infer from your message that you are not a professional web developer? I'm not saying that to be insulting, but because I don't know a single pro web dev who DOESN'T use some sort of WYSIWYG app, at least for creating layouts. There are a couple reasons:

- If you come from a graphic design background (as many web designers do), a WYSIWYG app will be much more comfortable.
- Complex layouts can be hell to code by hand, especially when you're dealing with tables (and nested tables and col/rowspan'ing).
- Not all WYSIWYG editors are Microsoft FrontPage - Dreamweaver, for example, produces code that's pretty bearable.

So, to summarize, WYSIWYG editors do not inherently "produce" sucky webpages. The problem is people who use WYSIWYG editor believing "I can create professional output without knowing anything about web development or graphic design". That's what produces sucky webpages.