Linked by Metin Amiroff on Tue 20th Apr 2004 17:30 UTC
General Development N|vu is a web development application with a WYSIWYG interface that is aimed to be user friendly, easy and powerful, sponsored by Linspire. This review looks at this program in detail and aims to help users to get an idea about it.
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CSS and XHTML could make a killer app
by CaptainHaddock on Wed 21st Apr 2004 01:58 UTC

I'm a professional designer, and for years I've relied on Dreamweaver to streamline web design, which until recently always relied on complicated table layouts, spacer gifs, and browser bug avoidance (I'm talking about you, Internet Explorer!).

But that was then, and this is now. Elegant and simple code are back in vogue, thanks to XHTML and CSS. And right now, the only way to make a good XHTML page is with a text editor. No WYSIWYG editor offers a complete, CSS-oriented design solution. Dreamweaver's CSS support is still a lamentable afterthought. I think Nvu is a great project, but a new paradigm has arrived and Nvu is still chasing the Old Way of doing things.

Mark my words: the first application to implement completely and correctly a CSS-centric design environment will be the next killer application in web design. Just tacking on limited or buggy CSS support isn't good enough. This is a terrific opportunity for open source to lead the way for once, but I don't see it happening.