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General Development For years the development scene has been dominated by the C family of languages, primarily C itself and its immediate successor C++. Recent years have given rise to other C-descendents, however, such as Sun's Java and Microsoft's C#.
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Very uncool. Complete lack of imagination
by Bobby on Wed 21st Apr 2004 15:27 UTC

D lacks any real advantage of C++ or Java. Indeed, D takes a step back and fails to provide essentials like automatic memory management. You'd have to be living in a cave not to notice that all the "modern" languages (C#, Java, Ruby, Python etc.) all provide automatic memory management.

At the very least, D could have done something cool, like a CLOS-like object system, or blend functional, imperative and symbolic paradigms in a new, easy to use way. Maybe even incorporate AOP (aspect oriented programming) right into the language specification.

Instead, D provides us with yet another Algol 60 which will fail to get anywhere since its so similar to C and C++ that there's no way for it to differentiate itself.

Very uncool.